Sleep Problems in Babies

Sleep Problems in Babies
sleep in babies

“If your baby is experiencing sleep problems, you are not alone. Many parents struggle with getting their baby to sleep through the night or take long naps. Find out what causes sleep problems in babies and how to identify the signs. Get expert tips on how to establish a healthy sleep routine for your baby and troubleshoot common sleep issues, such as sleep training, night waking, and sleep regressions. Learn how to create a sleep-friendly environment and ensure your baby gets the rest they need to grow and develop.”

The amount of sleep a baby needs varies from baby to baby. This is due to the baby’s age, developmental level, and personal characteristics. Newborn babies do not have a specific sleep pattern. The baby’s sleep pattern begins to develop after the first 6 months. During the first 6 months, the duration of uninterrupted sleep does not exceed 2 hours, and they sleep about 18-21 hours a day. With growth, there is a shortening of the daily sleeping time and an increase in uninterrupted sleeping time.

Understanding your baby is the first condition of being a good parent!

It takes time for newborns to come to terms with the fact that they are living a life outside of their mother’s body. Waking up from sleep, the baby hugs its mother’s breast, sucks, then falls back asleep, satisfied and contented. He has established an oral relationship with his mother and feels that he has formed a unity and integrity with his mother, just as he did when he was in the womb. However, as the baby’s sense organs begin to develop, he begins to realize that he is no longer living in the womb.

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One of the meanings of sleep for the baby is the return to intrauterine life.

Some babies feel the need to perform certain ceremonies in order to sleep. Some babies can’t fall asleep without playing with a pillow tassel. Some babies cannot sleep without feeling the presence of a thin cloth in front of their nose. Some people fall asleep by sucking their thumbs. All these inevitable ceremonies that babies need to sleep allow us to intuitively grasp how reluctantly he left the heaven-like life he once led in the womb.

Some measures should be taken to discourage the child from this ceremony, which is required for sleeping. The most important thing to note in this regard is that the baby should not be forced and disappointed. The mother, who loves her baby, can instinctively determine the measure of the prohibition she will impose on him. At the same time, the mother will have to tolerate occasional whining and whining until the baby gets used to her new situation. Because accustoming him to well-adjusted dedications is extremely important for his further development.

Expressing that you understand your baby is the second condition of being a good parent!

The mother, who aims to discourage her baby from a certain sleep ceremony, should sing a lullaby to him before he goes to sleep, and be able to announce with his voice that there is no reason for him to feel alone, that he loves him very much, that he is very happy to be together, and that they can get through this difficult period together.

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