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    Posted by Eva on January 21, 2023 at 11:07 pm

    Welcome to community!

    We are so glad you’re here.

    Before you get started, take a sec to read our Do’s and Don’ts so you will have a great experience on Message Boards.

    What is Community? community is a place for women and men to connect, share and chat with others who are going through – or have gone through – the same experiences. momsEzine fosters a diverse community of every, race, philosophy, sexual orientation, culture, sex and gender (yes, dads are here too!) who offer diverse perspectives and advice.

    Please DO:

    – Read our Terms of Use

    – Familiarize yourself with the Glossary of Terms of community acronyms.
    Introduce yourself before posting or commenting on a board

    – Got a question? Type it into the Search Box first. It’s likely that your question has been answered before.

    – Respect the feelings and opinions of other members.

    – Welcome constructive disagreement. Disagreement does not constitute harassment.

    – Report posts that violate’s Terms of Use or the Community Guidelines. Admins will see that more efficiently than a comment on the thread.

    – Read hundreds of articles on conception, pregnancy and parenting.


    – Personally attack other members, or Group of Individuals. Admins reserve the right to act on any post or actions that they interpret to fall into the following categories:

    – Hazing new members: Swearing at another member to deliberately hurt or offend her/him

    – Using gifs or memes: In a harassing manner in public posts or Private Messages (PMs)

    – Behaving: In an excessively rude, aggressive, intimidating, profane or vulgar manner

    – Escalating: A situation and/or causing a negative experience for the community

    – Ask if we think you are pregnant or post pictures of your pregnancy test to the boards. While Community is a great place to give and receive support, only your medical professionals can confirm a pregnancy or diagnose issues.
    * (Please note that the “What does a positive pregnancy test look like?” thread is the only thread where members are permitted to post pictures of pregnancy tests.)

    – Share private personally identifying information of any sort (your own or another member’s (regardless if you have their permission).

    – Share private messages: Unless you are sharing it with a moderator or administrator.

    – Be respectful of others: All users should refrain from using offensive or discriminatory language, and should treat others with respect and kindness.

    – Keep it on topic: Posts should be relevant to the topic of the message board. Off-topic posts will be deleted.

    – No spamming: Users should not post the same message multiple times or post irrelevant links or advertisements.

    – No illegal activities: Users should not post content that is illegal, such as copyrighted material or personal information of others.

    – No personal attacks: Users should not attack or harass other users.

    – Follow the moderator’s instructions: The moderator reserves the right to delete posts, ban users, and otherwise manage the message board as they see fit.

    – No promotion or advertising: Advertising or promoting any product or service is not allowed.

    – No impersonation: Users should not impersonate other users or public figures.

    – No posting of private or personal information: Users should not post any personal information about themselves or others without their express consent.

    – No trolling or disruption: Users should not post messages with the intent of causing disruption or starting arguments.

    – Post links to surveys, research questions, referral links, gofundme, or any other link that benefits you in a monetary way.

    – Blocking moderators: They are here to help, and blocking could prevent you from receiving valuable information about the site and any issues with your posts or account.

    – Recruit members from community: However, if someone needs information that is not found on TB, it is okay to direct them elsewhere in a helpful manner.

    Violation of the Terms of Use:

    Our Terms of Use contains general information about’s rules. Generally if you violate the Terms of Use, a moderator will issue a Warning. Three warnings within six months will get you banned from; one or two warnings will have no effect on your community participation.

    By following these guidelines, users can help create a positive and productive community on the message board.

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