Do Babies Sleep in the Womb?

Do Babies Sleep in the Womb?

As a soon-to-be parent, you may be wondering if babies sleep in the womb. Find out what the latest research says about fetal sleep patterns and how they change as the baby grows. Learn about the benefits of sleep for fetal development, and how it can affect the baby’s sleep patterns after birth. Get expert tips on how to support your baby’s sleep during pregnancy and the early weeks of life.

Do Babies Sleep in the Womb?
Do Babies Sleep in the Womb? 5

The innovations experienced by expectant mothers during pregnancy cause different questions in their minds. Experiencing different things every day for 9 months, expectant mothers want to know what their little babies, whom they raised in their wombs, experienced, what they heard, what they felt, and how they spent their days. We have answered the questions about the “sleep patterns of babies in the womb” for you, such as do babies sleep in the womb, can they dream if they are sleeping, how many hours of their day do they sleep, do they have a sleeping pattern, and how to understand whether the baby is sleeping in the womb. Happy reading!

Sleep Patterns of Babies During Pregnancy

It is very natural that women who have no previous pregnancy experience and who are pregnant for the first time have many questions about the pregnancy period and want to find answers to these questions. Likewise, fathers-to-be may wonder what their little puppies are going through in the womb. 

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Expectant mothers can make some inferences by feeling the movements of their little babies in their wombs, but it is not possible to understand them for sure. However, today, thanks to advanced technologies, we can find answers to many things that we think cannot be known. 

Do Babies Sleep During Pregnancy?

It is to these technological developments that we can obtain information about the adventures of babies in the mother’s womb. According to the researches made thanks to the technologies, it is concluded that the fetus in the mother’s womb is sleeping and even has the possibility of dreaming. It is known that they sleep an average of 21-22 hours a day, especially in the last three months of pregnancy. 

However, in the first 6 months of pregnancy, there is no clear information about the sleep patterns of babies. It is the REM sleep of the fetus that has led studies to conclude that babies can sleep. 

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REM and NON-REM Period of Sleep

In scientific studies, which concluded that your little ones can sleep, it has been noticed that fetuses make the same rapid eye movements during sleep as adults. In addition to eye movements, increased blood pressure and accelerated heartbeat of the fetus are also signs of entering the REM period. 

These rapid eye movements are known as the REM period of sleep. Its colloquial name is deep sleep. The quieter and less deep sleep period is also called the NON-REM period. 

The REM period is the period in which dreams occur during sleep. In the NON-REM period, there is no dreaming. The NON-REM period is the period when the brain development of the fetus occurs and the information is processed in their brains. 

Do Babies Sleep in the Womb
Do Babies Sleep in the Womb? 6

Do Babies Dream?

Another issue that the prospective parents, who learn that the fetus in the mother’s womb sleeps during the pregnancy period, is what their little offspring experience during the sleeping periods in the mother’s womb. 

Thanks to the researches, we learned that babies sleep in the womb. Do they dream in their sleep?

Although there are no studies that provide clear information on this subject, it is thought that fetuses can dream in the REM phase of their sleep in the mother’s womb. 

The Concept of Day and Night in Unborn Babies 

Do Babies Sleep in the Womb

Fetuses growing in your womb cannot distinguish between day and night. There are several conditions that affect the sleep of your little pup, who spend most of their days sleeping. You can tell whether your babies are sleeping or not by observing their movements. You should feel that your babies, whose sleep is interrupted from time to time during the day, are awake from the pressure in your stomach. However, it is useful to point out that; The hours your babies are awake are usually the hours you are asleep. So what are the factors that put the baby to sleep in the womb?

  • Mother’s Mobility

It is easier for your baby to fall asleep while you are doing your work, exercising, walking during the day, in short, while you are on the move. The main reason for this is that as you move, the fluid in your uterus also moves, making it easier for the fetus in your uterus to sleep. These habits are the main reason why your newborn little puppies fall asleep more comfortably while rocking in the crib or on your lap. 

  • Sounds From Your Body

Another factor that helps your little one fall asleep is the sound of your body. The sounds of your blood flow, amniotic fluid flow, and heartbeat make it easier for your baby to fall asleep. These sounds in your body are called “white noise.” White noise is like a comforting lullaby for your baby.

  • Sounds From Outside

Your conversations, the music you listen to, the sounds you make while working… All these send vibrations to your baby, and these vibrations help your baby fall asleep by relaxing. 

  • Foods You Consume 

As with adults, there are foods that help babies sleep or wake them up. Caffeine and sugar, which are foods that you should pay attention to during pregnancy, make it difficult for them to sleep; Dairy products, garlic, and foods such as yogurt are foods that will help them fall asleep. 

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In short, it is very normal for your little pup to sleep during the day and be awake at night when you sleep and do not move. Your babies falling asleep more easily during the day may indicate that they are awake at night, when there are no external sounds and fluid release, making them feel like a cradle. Some expectant mothers are worried about their babies, who interrupt their sleep at night during pregnancy. They may also worry that their sleep patterns will not settle at night after birth. But don’t worry, newborn babies soon begin to distinguish between day and night. However, we do not promise you nights where you can sleep comfortably because they need to be fed regularly. 

If you would like to get detailed information about the sleep pattern in newborns during the period when you are trying to get used to parenthood after pregnancy, read our “When do Newborns Have Sleep Patterns? article.

Baby’s Movements in the Womb

If your little one is sedentary for long hours, it could mean he’s asleep. However, the fact that they move a lot during the day does not mean that they are awake. Babies move at a level that you can feel, even if they are awake. 

Not all expectant mothers have similar pregnancies with the same experiences. Even women can have different experiences in different pregnancies. As every child’s temperament is different, the experiences of their mothers during pregnancy are also different. Don’t let this worry you. 

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However, there is a common issue that every mother-to-be should pay attention to. Knowing that your babies, who fall into a deep sleep after 7 months on average, are asleep does not mean that they are inactive all day long. During the day, you need to observe the movements of your little baby in your womb and make sure that it moves occasionally. If your baby is sedentary throughout the day, you should contact your doctor. 

As a result;

Every prospective parent who is preparing to become a parent knows that their lives will change and that the most important thing in their life will be their little offspring. We know that from the first moment your baby falls into the womb, you will strive to be healthy. Little babies allow you to have brand new experiences in your life before they are even born and to grow with them. The state of being curious, which is one of the conditions required by being a parent, causes you to worry about him and to know what he is doing, even if it is a small fetus. 

We shared with you the answers to questions such as: do babies sleep in the womb, do they dream in their sleep, what are the factors that make it easier to fall asleep, can the fetus in the mother’s womb distinguish between day and night, and more. 

We are here for you from the start of your pregnancy, in the first days you hold your baby in your arms, when you don’t know what to do, when you are afraid, when you have any questions, when you need our help to raise your baby comfortably after a normal and easy pregnancy and delivery.


We hope you enjoyed our article and know the answers if the babies sleep in the womb during your pregnancy. We look forward to hearing from you and if you like this article please share with others.

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