7 Months Baby Development

7 Months Baby Development

Explore 7 months baby development. Learn about the exciting developmental milestones your 7 months old baby will experience. From rolling over and sitting up to babbling and grasping objects, there is so much to look forward to as your little one grows and learns. Discover tips and activities to support your baby’s development and help them reach their full potential.

7 Months Baby Development
7 Months Baby Development 5

What Does a 7 Month Old Baby Do?

  • Can sit unaided.
  • He can eat crackers by himself.
  • He can put weight on his legs when held upright.
  • He may object when you receive his toy.
  • He may struggle to get the toy out of his reach.
  • Can pass an object from one hand to the other.
  • It can search for a falling object.
  • It can turn towards the human voice.
  • Can stand holding on to someone or something.
  • He can pull himself up from a sitting position to a standing position.
  • Able to sit in prone position.
  • He may try to walk towards things.
  • He can say mom and dad without knowing the meaning.
7 Months Baby Development

7 Months Old Baby Nutrition – Transition to Supplementary Food

If you say that “7 Months Baby Nutrition” should be soft, lump-free, semi-liquid purees,

  • Rice pudding: mixed with boiled water, breast milk, or formula.
  • Carrot puree: peeled and boiled carrots are mashed.
  • Fruit puree: Made by mashing apples or soft ripe pears.
  • Mashed Potatoes: Boiled potatoes are slightly diluted and mashed well.
  • Other suitable foods to offer: zucchini, cauliflower, peas and well-cooked green beans.
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The period of drinking water for your baby has begun with the transition to additional food. The pH values ​​and sodium ratios of water are very important for babies. Because their kidneys are still developing, you should choose those with the lowest sodium content possible. For more detailed information on water in babies, you can read our “The Importance of Drinking Water in Babies” article.

How Much Should a 7 Month Old Baby Have?

A 7-month-old girl weighs an average of 8000 g, and a 7-month-old boy weighs an average of 8200 g.

How many cm should a 7-month-old baby be?

  • 7-month-old baby girl height limit: 61
  • 7-month-old baby girl height upper limit: 73
  • 7-month-old baby boy height limit: 62
  • 7-month-old baby boy maximum height: 75

To learn about your baby’s height and weight during the entire development process, you can read our “Height-Weight Chart for Boys and Girls” article.

7 Months Old Baby Teething

Although your baby starts at 4 months at the earliest, teething symptoms begin to show in 7 months old babies. If your baby is constantly bringing his hand to his mouth, if he wants to bite his toys, drooling a lot from his mouth is an indication that his teeth are about to come out.

7 Months Old Baby Games

At 7 months, your baby will want to play with lots of teethers. During this period, you can buy him teethers made of healthy materials.

What the baby can do at the age of 7 months is not limited to these; Soft balls are also among the toys that your baby can play comfortably during this period.

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You will find that your baby is starting to play with his hands and feet frequently, so you can play clapping games with him. It is very important for his social development that he plays games not only with the toy, but also by contacting you.

“Sorry mommy, I’m starting to try your patience”

During this period, your baby may tend to take action on the issues you warned him about. For example, throwing a toy on the ground, putting toys in his mouth. There is one thing you should not forget in this process, your baby is growing and he is very curious. He always enjoys seeing you and your reactions, as well as the reactions of objects. You can warn him without thinking he doesn’t understand, make sure they know very well what you mean.

When Do Babies Start Sitting Upright?

7-month-old babies can start to sit upright now, by supporting them in this regard, you can set up games that will encourage them to sit longer.

7 Months Baby Development

When Do Babies Begin Alienation?

In the 7th month, your baby starts to alienate the people around him and may want to be with you all the time. The fact that he wants to be with you all the time shows that he has started to explore the environment and is gradually getting to know people. Therefore, do not be afraid of alienation. You can enjoy this process more comfortably by being with him as much as possible.

7 Months Baby Doctor Checkup

Most doctors do not examine a healthy baby this month if the child is not vaccinated. If you can’t wait until the next month and you have any concerns or illnesses, contact your doctor.

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It’s Your Turn Now – Write a Comment

How do you raise your 7 month old baby? What problems did you experience this month? How did you overcome it? For other mothers, we welcome your comments.

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