5 Months Baby Development

5 Months Baby Development
5 Months Baby Development

“Learn about your baby’s development at 5 months old. From rolling over and sitting up to starting solids and babbling, your little one is growing and learning new skills every day. Keep track of your baby’s milestones and discover fun activities to support their growth with our guide to 5 month old baby development.”

What Does a 5 Month Old Baby Do?

  • When sitting upright, he can keep his head straight.
  • While lying on his stomach, he can lift his chest from the ground by getting support from his arms.
  • It can roll from side to side.
  • It can pay attention to objects as small as a grape.
  • She can scream with joy.
  • It can reach towards an object.
  • He can pick up a rattle with the tips of his fingers.
  • It can put some weight on your legs.
  • He can keep his head level with his body when seated by pulling his hands away.
  • It can turn towards the human voice.
  • Your baby may also be able to sit up unaided.
  • It can extract aguu and similar audible and silent combinations.

5 Months Baby Nutrition

5 Months Baby Development

Remember that at 5 months your baby should still be exclusively breastfed. Experts say that the transition to solid food is in the ideal 6th month.

However, if your baby’s development is not progressing in ideal conditions according to the month, doctors who follow your baby’s development may start additional food early.

Before beginning any complementary foods, consult your doctor. Remember, your baby’s main meal until the age of one is breast milk.

How much does a 5-month-old baby drink?

“How many cc of milk does a 5-month-old baby drink?” We know you’re wondering the question. The stomach capacity of a 5-month-old baby is 180-210 ml. It should be breastfed 4-6 times a day.

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If your baby cannot take breast milk for various reasons, if you are supplementing with formula, “How many cc of formula does a 5-month-old baby drink?” The person who will answer the question is your doctor, who monitors your baby’s development.

How Many Weight Should a 5-Month-Old Baby Have?

A 5-month-old baby boy weighs an average of 7500 grams, and a 5-month-old girl weighs an average of 6900 grams.

How Many cm Should a 5 Month Old Baby Be?

  • 5 month old baby girl height limit: 57
  • 5 month old baby girl height upper limit: 70
  • 5 month old baby boy height limit: 58
  • 5-month-old baby boy maximum height: 70

To learn about your baby’s height and weight during the entire development process, you might be interested in reading our “Height-Weight Chart for Boys and Girls” article.

What to do for 5-month-old baby development?

The 5-month-old baby is now well socialized and fully aware of his surroundings.

When can babies sit up? For parents who say, 5 months is the right time for your baby to do sitting exercises. For healthy development, your baby should be doing sitting exercises this month. While doing these experiments, do not forget that there should be support pillows for your baby.

Gross motor features of babies, that is, reaching for something, sitting, turning, moving their body, are the features that should be followed closely for the first 6 months of development. In order to develop these, you need to let your baby spend some time by laying on the navel. You can get support from game carpets for this. You should place your baby safely on his navel. This way you will make the baby move against gravity. He will learn to use his entire muscle structure.

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Your baby may be able to sit up on his own this month. Don’t forget to put support pillows next to him when he takes a sitting position, as his musculature is still not fully developed.

Your baby’s sense of hearing is starting to get stronger than ever before at 5 months of age. In this way, your baby will be able to distinguish your sounds better, and will react more easily to sound toys and the sounds around him.

5 Month Old Baby Toys

This month, your baby will be interested in toys that he can reach for as he discovers his own voice and develops his ability to grasp objects. In particular, play mats can be a source of entertainment for 5-month-old babies. Apart from that, if we think that your baby’s teeth are starting to itch, you can get help from teether toys .

Apart from toys, it is very important that you play with your baby and support his language development. During this period, when he starts to make a sound, you can contribute to his development by responding to him and communicating eye-to-eye.

In addition, a 5-month-old baby has reached the age where he can react to his own reflection. You can make him see himself by holding a mirror, so you can have fun.

Is 5 Month Old Baby Teething?

It is possible to notice that your baby’s teeth are itchy during these months. This process may actually have started in the 4th month. You can look for these signs to be sure if your baby is teething:

  • Low Fever
  • Diarrhea
  • Grumpy for No Reason
  • Mouth Watering Lasting Nearly 1 Month
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5 Months Baby Sleep 

Your baby should fall asleep at times appropriate for his age. Daytime naps will also change as your baby grows. The right timing is also very important for a good sleep.

If your 5-month-old baby has not started to sleep regularly, we recommend that you seek help from your doctor or sleep consultant.

5 Month Baby’s Doctor Checkup

Many doctors haven’t recommended routine checkups this month, but call your doctor if you have a problem that can’t wait until next month.


As your baby grows, the risk of accidents at home increases. Be careful not to leave your baby alone to protect it from dangers as it gradually begins to lift its own body and grasp objects.

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