4 Months Baby Development

4 Months Baby Development

Want to stay up to date on your 4-month-old baby’s development? Our comprehensive guide covers all the key milestones and skills your little one may be working on, including physical, cognitive, and social-emotional development. From learning to lift their head to engaging in back-and-forth play, we’ve got you covered. Trust us as your go-to source for all things baby development.

4 month baby development

What Does a 4 Month Old Baby Do?

  • He/She can raise his head 90 degrees while standing on his stomach.
  • He/She can laugh out loud.
  • Can follow an object held approximately 15 cm above its face along an arc of 180 degrees (from side to side)
  • He/She can hold his head in an upright position.
  • It can be rolled from one side to the other.
  • It can pay attention to objects as small as a grape.
  • He/She can scream with joy.
  • When seated by holding hands, he can keep his head at the same level as his body.
  • He/She turns to the direction of the voice (especially his/her mother’s voice).
  • It can put some weight on its legs when held upright.
  • Can begin to sit with support.
  • It can turn towards the sound.

4 Months Baby Nutrition

Dear mothers, you should continue to breastfeed your baby in these months. Breast rejection may occur during these months. You should continue to breastfeed your baby patiently without getting tired.

Is my milk of poor quality? Is my milk not enough for my baby? Such thoughts do nothing but lower your mood and make you sad. Think positive and give good messages to the universe! Exclusive breast milk for the first 6 months is very important for your baby’s development.

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If your doctor does not recommend it and does not think that it should be fed with formula, do not use it. 4 months is too early to switch to solid food. We do not want to switch to additional foods before 6 months.

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How Much Does a 4 Month Baby Suck?

Every baby is special. Every baby’s diet is different. In general, the stomach capacity of a four-month-old baby is 150–180 ml. It should be breastfed 4–8 times a day.

It should not be forgotten that the more breastfed, the more milk is produced. Therefore, breastfeed your baby a lot.

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How Much Should a 4 Month Old Baby Be?

A 4-month-old baby boy weighs an average of 7000 grams, and a 4-month-old girl weighs an average of 6400 grams.

How many cm should a 4-month-old baby be?

  • 4-month-old baby girl height limit: 56
  • Maximum height of a 4-month-old baby girl: 68
  • 4-month-old baby boy height lower limit: 57
  • 4-month-old baby boy maximum height: 68

4 Months Baby Sleep

A 4-month-old baby usually sleeps 15 hours a day . They sleep for about 10 hours at night and 5 hours during the day. There are no longer as many awakenings as there were in the early months. If they wake up frequently, we recommend that you consult your doctor.

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You can start his sleep training slowly, and you can start to create routines before sleep. The ideal sleep routine for this period would be to massage it. You can make him fall asleep more easily by doing massages that will relax him with small movements.

4 Month Old Baby Games

This is the period when your baby socializes. You will see that he is more curious about the environment and is watching carefully what is going on. A 4-month-old baby may start to hold the toy, so while playing with it, you should have your baby pass the toys and get them. Of course, these toys should be light enough for him to hold.

So what are 4 month old baby toys?

Play rugs can be one of the ideal toys for this period. It will support her lying down and contribute to her physical development. You can make him play with the toys on the play mat by laying him face down.

4 Months Baby Doctor Checkup

Although each doctor’s approach to controls may be different, we can generally say that he will pay attention to the following in this month’s control.

  • Asking questions about whether you, your baby and the rest of the family are having trouble at home, and about your baby’s feeding, sleeping and general development.
  • Measuring your baby’s height, weight, head circumference and adding them to the development chart from birth.
  • Performing a general physical examination in which previous problems were checked.
  • Evaluation of the baby’s development. The examiner evaluates the infant’s head control, dexterity, vision, hearing, and social interaction.
  • If your baby is in good health and there is no disability, second-period vaccines are administered. (DTB: diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis; OPV: polio; Hib: hemophilus influenza; Hepatitis-B: jaundice)
  • If your baby is breastfed, information about vitamin D supplementation and fluoride supplementation is given.
  • Information about the transition to solid foods is given.
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