10 Months Baby Development

10 Months Baby Development

As your baby approaches 10 months old, they will continue to experience exciting developmental milestones and changes. From increased mobility and independence to improved communication and social skills, there is so much to look forward to in your baby’s development at this age. Learn more about what to expect in 10 months baby development for your baby and get expert tips on how to support and encourage their growth and development.

10 Months Baby Development

What Could Your Baby Be Doing at 10 Months?

By the end of this month, your baby may:

• Can stand holding on to someone or something.
• Can stand up while sitting.
• Resists when you try to pick up a toy.
• May say random parents .
• Gets into a sitting position while lying on his face.
• Can clap and wave for the game.
• Can lift small objects using thumb and other fingers.
• Can walk holding on to things.
• Can understand the word “no” but rarely obeys it.
• Can stand for a moment without support.
• Can consciously say the words mother and father.
• He can show his wishes without crying.
• Can drink water from a cup alone.
• Can speak using an incomprehensible language.
• He can take a step or two and even walk a little early.

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10 Months Baby Nutrition  

Bad Eating Habits

Eating with a 10-month-old baby is an event that can wreak havoc on almost anyone. At this age, the game outweighs the food. Therefore, more than the food that goes into the baby’s stomach remains on his head. Mealtimes now mean not only getting food for your baby, but also exploring and learning new things. 


It allows the baby to develop a sense of touch, a sense of warmth, a cause-effect relationship. Crushing the potatoes on the table, grabbing the yogurt, spreading the banana on the table means new experiences, no matter how disgusting it may be for you. Be prepared to walk around with paper towels and cloths in hand until your baby learns about the attractive physical properties of food. But it’s not just a situation where you stop and laugh, and it doesn’t mean you don’t do anything. You can prepare him for the table rules that he will follow in the future.

10 months baby development

When you reach the tenth month, your baby can eat almost everything that is eaten at home . Just make sure that the food is salt-free when cooking. Again, you can give the boiled and sorted vegetables to his hand to slurp. After separating the meat and fish from their skin and fat, serve them by separating them into small bites. You should avoid giving your baby oily, salty, or spicy foods.

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How Many Weight Should a 10 Month Old Baby Have?

A 10-month-old boy weighs an average of 9400 g, and a 10-month-old girl weighs an average of 9000 g.

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How many cm should a 10 -month-old baby be?

  • 10-month-old baby girl height lower limit: 64
  • 10-month-old baby girl height upper limit: 79
  • 10-month-old baby boy height lower limit: 66
  • 10-month-old baby boy maximum height: 80

Can a 10 -month-old baby walk?

By the end of the 10th month, your baby should have started walking exercises. One of the physical movements that best shows the development of babies is walking. Therefore, if your baby is over 10 months old, he should be standing, holding on to something and taking a few steps.

Your baby may not walk until 18 months, but he should be making efforts to walk.

10 Months Old Baby Games

Your baby now starts to sway and move when music is played. You can make games with music.

If your baby has started to crawl this month, you can contribute to his development by playing games that will support his crawling.

In addition, your baby can start to take his first steps toward walking this month, so you can choose walking aids.

10 Months Baby Doctor Checkup

Many doctors do not include this month in the follow-up calendar for healthy child check-ups. If there is a situation that cannot wait until the next control, consult your doctor.

It’s Your Turn Now – Write a Comment

How are you raising your 10-month-old baby? What problems did you experience this month? How did you overcome it? For other mothers, we welcome your comments.

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